LeAD GLocal – Combining Digital Impact with Physical Impact

Join me on a thrilling adventure as we unfold our collaboration with LeAD GLocal, a true hero in ecology and ecosophy. This case study provides a sneak peek into our creative way of thinking and our dedication to tackling tricky societal issues.


LeAD GLocal is an innovation strategist focusing on ecology, ecosophy, and complex societal challenges. The nature of their work makes it difficult to encapsulate their activities into a single title, presenting a unique challenge for this project. The primary objective was to clearly articulate what LeAD GLocal does and present it in an easily understandable manner through their website.

The Challenge

One of the main challenges was to comprehend and effectively communicate the essence of LeAD GLocal’s work. This project also marked my first time using Webflow, which has since become my primary software for website development. Initially, understanding the scope of their work was difficult, compounded by my inexperience with the new tool.

Approach and Process

The project involved extensive collaboration with LeAD GLocal. Through countless meetings and live working sessions, we were able to successfully develop a website that reflects their abstract ideas and complex work. Although no specific KPIs were set, the urgency was to replace their outdated website with something modern and functional.

Initially, during my software development studies, I created a new version of the website using plain HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. However, this version lacked the impressive visual and functional quality I envisioned. As Techlythical began to take shape, I delved into Webflow, deciding to remake the entire site to both enhance the website and develop my skills in Webflow.

Development Tools and Flexibility

The tools used for this project included plain HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and later, Webflow. The process was highly flexible, allowing for constant adjustments based on feedback and new ideas.

Obstacles and Learning Curve

Being new to Webflow made the project more challenging and less structured than my current approach. Maintaining and adding new functionalities was particularly difficult due to my inexperience. Despite these challenges, the project served as a valuable learning experience.


The primary goal of the website was to provide comprehensive information about LeAD GLocal and showcase their portfolio. It serves more as a CV than an acquisition tool. There was no data or specific metrics tracked for this project, but the client was extremely pleased with the outcome. The website successfully conveys their abstract ideas and complex strategies.

Impact and Reflection

This project was a pivotal proof of concept (POC) for Webflow, influencing my decision to adopt it over other coding frameworks like Next.js. Reflecting on the project, I recognize that a more structured approach could have improved the process, but it was a necessary step in my growth with Webflow.

Future Collaboration

Currently, we are working closely with LeAD GLocal on various initiatives, including a project aimed at empowering youth to influence their environment through a sustainability narrative. This collaboration combines Techlythical's digital impact with LeAD GLocal's physical impact, resulting in truly meaningful work.

Significance for Techlythical

This project was foundational for Techlythical, supporting our innovative stance and showcasing our capability to handle complex and abstract projects. It marked the beginning of our journey and continues to influence our approach to digital innovation.